Weekend Repeat

June 29, 2014

Lets all just take a moment and address the elephant in the room shall we?  I have neglected you guys.  Its no excuse but life truly has been crazy lately so here I am trying to make it up to you by posting some pics from the weekend.  Hope my plan to receive your forgiveness [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Pick The Farm

June 25, 2014

Friday morning my niece, nephew and I headed out to Garden Patch Farms to get our fill of fresh, pesticide free strawberries.  I absolutely loved being on the farm and creeping around all of their gardens. I loved that we were able to just navigate ourselves around the farm on our own, of course we [...]

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WIAW Zoo Bites

June 18, 2014

Another week, another Wednesday.  Let’s get our WIAW on shall we? -Breaky Todays morning meal was eaten on the go.  My niece, nephew and I hopped on the 10:38 train to Brookfield Zoo so I prepped this gorgeous bowl of oats to eat on the go.  Halvsies of muesli and oats cooked in almond milk [...]

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Father’s Day Festivities

June 17, 2014

Hope your weekend was spent with those that you love. -Fathers Day A day to celebrate all the father figures in your life.  We spent Saturday at the in-laws new condo, we cooked up a storm courtesy of Blue Apron.  It was so nice to have everything ready and all we had to do was [...]

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Maine Lobster Cucumber Cups

June 13, 2014

What happens when you get a bunch of foodies and some fresh Maine lobsters in the same room?  Lots of delicious, creative eats and a special edition #Foodiechats of course. Since it was my first time ever working with live lobsters, I was a little nervous at first but once we got rolling my nerves [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Ease My Mind and Soul

June 11, 2014

So if you have been sticking around for a while(love ya!), you know that I became a certified yoga instructor last summer.  From there, I worked my tail off to become apart of the Core Power Yoga family and in Decemeber I auditioned in and made it.  Although it came with a lot of hard [...]

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Must Have Box

June 9, 2014

Its been a productive weekend and Monday I tell ya.  I taught a super fun yoga class at Athleta, spent the evening in Chicago hanging with some of my faves, and worked on the house/basement.  I was so happy that the class went smooth and I am pretty pumped that we are finally turning a [...]

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BBQ Chicken Za

June 5, 2014

Leftover grillled chicken always means one thing, guaranteed lunch.  Now whats for lunch is the question, I mean, lets be real, straight up grilled chicken can get boring.  Switching it up and layering it with flavor is usually the way I go when I cook(I figure if you start with really nice clean products you [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Wanderlust or Bust

June 3, 2014

Wanderlust.  Where do I even begin with you?  You shook my heart and soul. Everything about you was perfection.  From being set back on Butler Field for everyone to wander up towards to the crazy good samples(cereal bowls with an almond milk option, sayyyyy what!?), it was by far the people that took this yoga [...]

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Garden Walks and Girl Talks

June 3, 2014

What a fun weekend.  Not only did I hit Wanderlust(deets tomorrow), I also got to spend time with my favorite friends and family.  Here’s to all things marv. -Family Gatherings Yesterdays outting was to celebrate my mommas birthday, the rock of our family.  It’s at outings like this that make you grateful for the family [...]

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