Golden Weekend, Golden Milk

November 3, 2014

I officially feel like I will be back to speaking with you guys on the reg.  I don’t want to jinx it but we are basically done with Brunos house, I promise a full recap of all the work we’ve done once we are thousand percent done.  Just have to do some odds and ends [...]

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A Day In The Life

October 29, 2014

BOOOO! Betcha thought I was a ghost?!  Lets catch up over an a day in the life post.  Real life though, I missed you guys! 7:27 Wake up talk to Migs for a few before he heads to work aka I say “loveyoubye”.  Decide to snooze for a bit longer because my body just needed [...]

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DIY: Falling For Fudgicles

October 24, 2014

With Halloween right around the corner, I can’t get Basia off my mind.  We have spent every Halloween passing out candy at her house for the past five years.  Each year we’d order more Italian food than ten people could eat, pour several rounds of cold cocktails, and hand out the largest handfuls of candy [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: I Katy am an Egg Snob

October 21, 2014

Eggs and garlic.  Garlic and eggs.  Two things that have my heart and soul, two things that up until a year ago I was doing all wrong.  You see I was like most consumers buying my eggs conventionally, usually from Costco, looking for things on the carton like “cage free” and “vegetarian fed”, but it [...]

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DIY: Spray Paint Makeover

October 17, 2014

With buying Brunos house, Mike and I have taken on a lot of work.  Believe me when I say nothing was removed from the house down to the food in the fridge.  Althought we one thousand percent knew what we were taking on, we really had no idea looking back.  Now that mostly everything is [...]

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WIAW: A Day In The Life

October 15, 2014

Decided to switch up my usual WIAW post for A Day in the Life post including my eats.   Thought it’d be fun to switch it up a bit.  Without further ado, a look into my crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way life…. 7:50 Wake up and talk with Migs for a [...]

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MIMM: Meal Prep Machine

October 6, 2014

Well this weekend wasn’t as glamorous as the past few weekends have been but hey works for me.  We got a ton crossed off our to-do list at Brunos and I surprising did a bunch of meal prep for the week.   Although we did have some cooler, rainy days, it really put me in [...]

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Friday Faves: All About The Face

October 3, 2014

One of my favorites things to do is scour the internet for skincare and makeup products, I like to look up ingredients, snoop through the reviews, and then check out a few websites to see if one has a better deal than the other(mostly Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, and  I’m sure you can imagine that [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Dream Day

October 1, 2014

Yesterday as I took Moose on his morning walk, I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear. Sunday was pretty wild of a day. Migs and I went to the Bears vs Packers game, we’re talking huge rivalry.  To see the excitement that beamed from him(and his friend Rob) was so cool to witness. As much I [...]

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How Bouta Giveaway

September 29, 2014

Holy weekend you guys.  Not only I am I going to spill all things marv to you, I thought since its Monday why not kick it up a notch with a giveaway?  Hey why not!  Keep on reading to find out whats up for grabs. -Weather I’m a little nervous about even saying it out [...]

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