Winter Must Haves

by naneraday on March 5, 2013

Holy snow!!!  We got hit and we got hit card with about five inches of snow and counting.  They initially called for it last night but it didn’t end up coming until a little after 7 this morning.

In honor of what may be the last snowfall, I put together a list of my winter favorites starting with all things edible(come on, you know me better than that!)

Thing of beauty, ain't she?

Nanercakes have been my breakfast of choice in the cold winter.  Nutrient and protein dense these are the real deal. Brag Alert: Today’s batch was topped with my homemade maple almond butter.  Game changer.

Dump Soup is an easy solution to the “I don’t know what to make for dinner” panic.

See Duke? LOL

I hoard chicken stock for this reason.  Not only does soup have endless add-in possibilities, its a great way to pack in a bunch of veggies into one dish.  Hey, who can complain about a one pot dinner?  Not this no dishwasher having gal!

Last up on the edible list, lemon water.

There is nothing like wrapping your hands around a warm mug in the morning.  Especially when it contains a nice blasting of vitamin C which is fab for your skin.

Moving on outdoor gear musts…

love you lulu!

This headband is not only reversible and adorable, it also does a stellar job at blocking the wind(because it’s super windy in my bathroom ya know).    I’m equally obsessed with slouchy beanies.

so fun!


I scooped this one from Zumiez(I guess you can barely see it but you get the drift).  The teeny bopper boys working there were adorbs. #cougar

I simply wouldn’t have made it thru the winter without my beloved Brooks pants and Sorels

Brooks pants + Sorel boots

I just plow right thru anything in these puppies.  Both of these products keep moisture away and can withstand lots of use and abuse.  I highly highly recommend.

On to the body…

A quick briefer, ya know those little bumps on my forehead that I was obsessing over?  They are mostly gone.  I honestly attribute it to the Clarisonic. That thing honestly makes your skin feel so smooth but allows you the freedom to use the your cleanser of choice.  Win! Win!

 Witch Hazel is my go to product to tone and refresh my face after dealing with cold and windy Mother Nature

The fact that this product has been around for hundreds of decades is a statement in its own.  I like this brand in particular because they do not distill their products which keeps all the good stuff in.

Macadamia Natural Oil.  I have been on a hunt for a deep conditioner and want to propose to this stuff after trying a sample sized hair masque that I bought on a whim at Ulta.

The next weekend I went back for the full size version.  This stuff smells heavenly(kind of like Herbal Essences) and makes your hair feel soft and smooth.  If you are anything like me and sometimes your hair gets a little dreadlocky, this stuff will remove every last one.

Since I can’t go walking around with a hydrated face and hair, I choose to lather up with Kiehls Creme de Corps whipped body butter.

It smells like honey and milk made a baby.  No joke.  It literally sinks into your skin but doesn’t leave your skin greasy.

Welp!  Thats all for now!


QOTD: Did you try any new products this winter?  I ordered Korres Wild Rose 24-hour moisturizing & brighting cream off way to shop!) and am looking forward to trying it tonight 🙂

Anyone tried this?

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Lindsay @ Running the Windy City March 6, 2013 at 10:08 am

I love big bowls of oatmeal for breakfast during the winter. They’re perfect paired with a mug of coffee :).

Also, I love my lulu running jacket. I wouldn’t have been able to run through the winter without it.. it’s so warm!


naneraday March 7, 2013 at 7:04 am

Cheers to the simple things like coffee, oatmeal and warm running apparel 🙂


Allison @ Life's a Bowl March 7, 2013 at 6:41 am

The picture of you outside with the snow is so pretty! I wish we got some snow like that in DC… Yesterday’s “snow storm” was wimpy 😛


naneraday March 7, 2013 at 7:07 am

Awe thanks! My bro and sis in law are in DC and said the same thing! We ended up with about 9 inches!


Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian March 7, 2013 at 4:17 pm

It’s snowing here right now! I hope it doesn’t accumulate because I am SO over shoveling this season. It’s a great idea to treat your skin after being outside in this weather. I should really do that more often.


naneraday March 8, 2013 at 8:00 am

Ahh, your skin will thank you <3


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