Time to Degristle

by naneraday on February 20, 2013

Humpday, is that really you?!  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that tomorrow is Thursday and then the weekend is right around the corner.  I will be leaving the boys, in the dust, Friday night for a bridal shower back home but I’ll be back early on Saturday so I think I should be good.  My first time away from the little guy besides for when we are at work.

Eek.  In case you didn’t know(I didn’t until I saw people posting on Fbook), today is Love Your Pet day so here is a recent shot of the little guy.  I guess it was love yourself day too because this little package came in the mail.

New running headboand to motivate my 10K training and a jacket that was on sale.  Free shipping gets me every time.  Gotta have new gear for a little new adventure that is on the horizon.  Speaking of horizons, can I get an amen for the beautiful sunshine this morning?

Banana Walnut Proats

My blog clearly consists of crappy iPhone pics so I really have no room to pretend like I know what I’m talking about but how amazing is the lighting in this picture.  Luckily two seconds after snapping this picture, this glamorous bowl of proats was dumped into an empty almond butter jar.

Not really sure what it is with the blog world and empty nut butter jars but I sure do dig it.  Since we are talking about things I’m digging, tonight I did my first P90X workout.  I couldn’t help but laugh as the instructor said it was time to lose some gristle.  Randomly love that word. I really enjoyed it and I felt him pushing me which is not always easy to do on a DVD.

By the time I finished getting my sweat on, I was ready to eat my arm off.  Luckily, Basia had sent Mike home with homemade veggie soup so all I had to do was heat it up.  I really wanted a grilled cheese to go with it but our bread was moldy so improvised with naan.

his and hers lol

Whole wheat naan sprayed with EVOO and topped with spinach, smoked cheddar and parm shavings, and cracked black pepper.  After a quick trip to the toaster oven, dinner was served.  Totally hit the spot.  See, I told ya I wasn’t going gluten free!

Time to relax with my boys!


Have you ever experimented with naan?

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