Connect 2 Happiness

by naneraday on February 21, 2013

I’m not sure if I told you guys or not but I have been partaking in the Connect 2 Happiness challenge with Gaiam TV.  The whole idea of the challenge is for you to find happiness in simplest of things.  Todays challenge was hydrate for happiness

In addition to the challenge itself, each little blurb is full of random facts.  Did you know your body is more than 60% water?  I didn’t.  I was happy to see lemon water incorporated into the mix because its already an every day deal in our household.


Heres to the simple things….

Im so proud <3

Like getting Dad hooked on quinoa and a fresh new hair do

The send a song your digging game with my baby brotha.  He usually knows mine but whateves.

Seeing Duke handle himself so well while Lou had them locked in the cage.

Bunch of maniacs

While Lou and Dukey were off being besties(do you see the little purple shirt? LOL), I snuck in some snugs with the baby

Followed by a long over due chat at the gym with Muff.  Sometimes a quick twenty minutes alone with your bestie is all you need.

And that’s that.  Life is good. Be happy 😉


Question:  What is something simple that has brought you happiness lately?

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