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by naneraday on January 14, 2013

Well hello everybody!  Our lives have been consumed by Duke.  A six week old puppy is much like a little baby – eat, sleep, potty – repeat.  He has already brought a ton of laughs to our lives and has made us appreciate sleep like no other.  Since brain power is something you just flat out aren’t getting from me due to lack of sleep, I thought a little “Intro to Duke” was in order.

Full Name

Duke Lafayette Vodicka.  After lots of name debates, Mike threw out Duke.  Previous names to Duke being Basio, Dupa, and Bubba.  After seeing him, it seemed to just fit.  Lafayette after the street I grew up on.


Well we have Hambone, Little Deer, Dukey Boy, and Little Dude but Auntie Al calls him Cholo.

Why a Weimaraner?

Mike grew up with Great Danes and preferred a bigger dog.  I wanted an athletic dog.  This breed simply fit the bill.  Plus how can you deny those baby blue eyes?

He’s a little silk rag.

Best thing about Duke?

He has already brought so much joy to the people we love.  He totally hams it up to anyone that will give him attention.  The double B’s(Basia + Bruno) are over the moon when he comes to visit.  He totally sucks up, it’s hilarious.  I swear he knows if he plays his cards right he will get toys, blankets, and homemade food out of the deal. He also gives the best coat snuggles once he comes in from being outside

He's inside my coat :)

First few nights?

He was up all night.  He cried and he cried.  As we laid in bed, we quickly learned that it was going to be a long night.  Day two, things came around.  We spent a ton of time just laying in front of his cage  making it seem like the coolest spot in the house.  His cage is pretty plush and fabulous by the way.

Since he is only 6 weeks old, he’s a little too young to be on his own but we have been there to comfort him even if it means intervals of taking him out followed by sleeping on the floor next to his crate and shimmying him into his crate after he falls asleep.  He seemed fine when he woke up so we are going to stick with it.  At least its comfy for when we are laying over there.


We are currently doing half and half of the food she was feeding him and Blue Wilderness dog food.  I have given him a few pieces of cooked chicken and a small taste of a naner.  As for treats, he’s had 100% pure freeze dried liver and super delish cooks from his Aunt Can.

I almost took a bite because they smelled pretty darn good.  I am going to do oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow so I am sure I will drop a little in his food.  I plan on scooping myself a dehydrator so I can make him treats.  I heard they love dried apples.  Dehydrator suggestions welcome 🙂

Meeting other people?

I am pretty sure it is his life mission to meet and sleep next to as many people as possible.  The book we are reading says he should meet 100 people by twelve weeks.  As much as it makes me happy that he will know so many, I can’t help but get sad about the ones he’ll miss.


Grampie would have loved the little guy.  Three years ago he left us but I think of him often(mostly standing in the produce section)and I’m still hearing his voice inside my head.  I never want to lose that sound.

Time to tend to Duke and get ready for bed.  Pahhhhlease feel free to say hi to Dukey Boy and ask questions.  He’s a little attention fiend.  I apologize in advance if this blog turns into Duke-A-Day over the next few weeks.


A.  What is your best piece of dog advice?  B.  Does anyone use a dehydrator?

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Emily January 15, 2013 at 8:40 am

What a cutie!!!


naneraday January 16, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Oh thanks Em 🙂


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