Tank or Vest

by naneraday on August 31, 2012

Hey hey, its Thursday!! I am so looking forward to a nice long weekend and we have so much fun stuff on the agenda.  Last night was spent with some fellow Vodicka’s, Portillo’s, and some see ya laters.  At least one of my favorite Vodicka’s is coming into town

Brad is in town for a little birthday celebration at the Iowa vs. Northern game on Saturday.  I’m thinking of turning one of Chris’ old Iowa shirts into either this vest

Orrr one of Blogilates workout tank?  Which one do you think???


I’m leaning more towards the tank.

Today solidified the fact that I am 100% back

The return of ZUMBA!  Thomas had us all on pins and needles because he was a little late and honestly I’ve never been so relieved to see him.  Today marked the first real sweat after my little incident and it felts so good to move my body with all of my Zumba peeps but nothing felt better than seeing this little face after class

It’s pretty standard that every time we are walking she grabs our hands to be swung.   Can’t believe there will be four little hands there soon.  Well not soon but kinda ;).  We said our goodbyes and I beelined it to the nail shop for a quick pedi

Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!

Luhving the new OPI Germany collection.  The colors are freakin’ gorgeous.  I also can’t get enough of the metallic line by Essie.  Anyways, back to the rest of the night

Black bean burgers topped with provolone cheese, avocado, and maters will a side dipper of ketchup and mustard mixed together.  I was still a little hungry after dinner but since we literally have no food, I opted for a beer.  It did the trick.

Time for bed!  xxoo

OPI: Janes the Bucktown Beauty – my Chicago Now What Kate Ate post.  Check er out!


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