Vaca Eats: Delavan and Lake Geneva Edition

by naneraday on July 24, 2014

Well I am just going to be upfront and honest and apologize now for all these delicious eats I am about to show you.  Since I did my best to stay away from technology I didn’t capture everything but this is a pretty nice compile of our eats.  Let’s hop right on into it.


Much like everyone else in my family, I was looking forward to breakfast clad with my dads infamous taters.  Of course dad came stocked with a few bags of red and russet tater.  He also brought ten dozen fresh eggs and we ran out.  We are a big gang of egg eating son of a guns.  I also made a humongous pot of peanut butter and jelly granola oatmeal that we topped with naners, cherries, and a little more peanut butter and granola.

pbj granola oats topped with cherries and naners

No breakfast was complete without coffee.  Unfortunately we are house full of coffee addicts and the coffee pot decided to get funky halfway thru the trip so we had to venture out for our morning drink of choice.

joes at boatyard bagels


I fell in love with Boatyard Bagels in Lake Geneva aka the cutest organic shop evesies.


This was mostly on the go since most of our lunches were done at the house in-between fishing and swimming but none the less it can’t go unnoticed.  Mostly a combination of turkey sandys, leftovers, Sun Chips and hummus, loads of fresh fruit, and jail bait.

rice and water

For the first few days of the trip, I must have gotten some kind of stomach virus(Ill spare ya the deets), so I went on a strict BRAT diet aka rice and naners and that seemed to do the trick.  eating real food never tasted so good.


Now I know t some people vacation is all about eating out but personally I loved vacations that certain around cooking with your family.  I always end up leaving inspired and its so nice to have everyone else around with the same “ahh just throw it in” mentality.  Some highlights were golumpkis(cabbage rolls), rutabaga and russet mashed taters, and our homemade smoked bbq turkey sandys.

dads homegrown cabbage and peppers

smoked pulled bbq turkey and homemade fries


We also hit Sprecher Brewery in Lake Geneva for dinner and Lake Lawn in Delavan one night.  Both of these spots are killing it in the soup department.


Besides for the usual snacks of fruit, chips and hummus, and other odd and ends, we manage to find some local honey holes.  PS that was the term of the trip.  Hit a jackpot with churros and cheesecake and Cake Pastel downtown Delavan and of course I couldn’t resist a few different variations of malt balls at Constant Craving in Lake Geneva. So good.

churros and cheesecake and Cake Pastel


so good!

Cant forget my sister Kristens cookies that were gone in like two days.  Literally.  They were so good they have lots of oats, peanut butter, and M&Ms in them.


That sums up my eats!  Don’t forget to check out my have things to do here if you missed it the other day. xoxox



Tell It All Tuesday: Things to Do in Delavan, WI

by naneraday on July 23, 2014

So as you know based on my MIAness, I have been out of town spending some quality time with my family in Delavan, Wisconsin.  We spent a major of our time outdoors and I soaked up every moment of it.  It was nice to detox from the hustle and bustle of life and slow it down a bit.  We hardly even drove a car since we could take the boat most places.  As promised, here are my favorite things to do in Delavan(one of these days Im going to assemble a vaca page on the blog)


Throughout the week, we spent a good chunk of time on the boat.  Whether it be cruising around, anchoring down to swim, or heading to lunch we did it all on that boat.  We almost sunk at one point but thats a different story.


early morning fishing

It has literally been years, I mean maybe even grade school since Ive dropped a line in the water.  Not gonna lie hooking the worms and minnows was a little creepy and nasty at first but I sucked it up and went with it.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my nephew, Aiden.  We cruised up, down, all around the lake looking for honey holes but fishing off the pier ended up being where it was at.

Throughout the week, I ended up catching a handful of bluegill and one pike(I didn’t get it reeled all the way into the boat so technically it doesn’t count but everyone saw it on line so whateves).

-Delavan Farmers Market

if theres a market, ill find it

Although the market was tiny, they still had a nice selection of locally sourced goodies.  I was a little bummed that there wasn’t any local jams but I did score a bag of wild black raspberries that was used in our sangria.

-Explore Downtown Delavan

My sister, Andy and I went into town and enjoyed walking in and out of all the antique shops.  We also checked out Tower Park which is a tribute to the towns circus roots.

Romeo the elephant and his circus freaks ;)

-Explore Lake Geneva

My mom, sisters and I spent a few hours one day going in and out of all the little shops in town, which was only a quick 15 minute drive from where we were staying in Delavan.  Along with the eclectic souvenir shops, there were a lot of random little boutiques throw into the mix.  Of course we spent more time than necessary snooping around the Green Eyed Lady shop which is just loaded with organic, homemade skincare.  In love.

loved their hand stamped bags


-Sunset Seeking

so pretty

You just can’t beat pink summer skies.  We also caught a beautiful one on Lake Geneva before heading to dinner at Sprecher‘s. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what Ive been up to this past week.  Stay tuned for my vaca eats!





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