Tell It All Tuesday: Must Have Vinegar

by naneraday on April 21, 2015

When I first made the move to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle, I focused all my efforts into what I put in my body.  The foods I ate and the drinks I consumed were the only things present in my tunnel vision.  Once I felt a little more comfortable in the changes I made, I quickly realized that that there is a whole world of changes that you can be make from everything to the skincare  you apply to your body down to the things you use to clean your home.  With all that said there is one miracle product that I absolutely adore that does it all, vinegar.  Here are my top uses!

-Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar with water in a bucket to clean your floors and cabinets.  Nasty gunk be gone

-Combine equal parts distilled white vinegar with water in a spray bottle to make every mirror in your house sparkle.  I liked to use newspaper to keep them streak free

-Apple cider vinegar to tone your face.  Simply apply to a cotton pad and rub on your face in a circular motion.  My have ACV is Braggs.

-Stir one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into one cup of water and drink on an empty stomach to keep things regular, if ya know what I mean.

What are your favorite uses for vinegar?




Monday Marvels

by naneraday on April 20, 2015

Happy Monday!  A rainy kinda cooler Monday that is but Ill take it since I planted a ton of seeds yesterday and those babies need this fresh rain water.  Sidenote: Anyone happen to see the earthworms last night?  They were huge and all over our driveway last night.  Luckily they all went back to their little homes so Migs didn’t smoosh em’ on his way to work this mornin. How bout we take a second to rewind a bit and cover all things marv on this little Monday morning we have here.

-Celebrating THREE years with my hubby


This guy is my rock, always is making me laugh, brings be back to reality when I need a check in, goes along with my crazy ways, and loves me for me.

-Girl and The Goat

Due to lighting, I didn’t snap a single pic but the Krugs(yayyyyy they are back) and Mike and I went out Saturday to celebrate both of our anniversaries.  Nelly made the reservations like two months ago and Im not going to lie as we looked at the menu on Friday night, we were both a little nervous about the eclectic menu but holy s#it(profanity needed) everything was to die for.  Dishes are served to be shared, which I love, and let me tell ya we put a dent on the food.  I honestly cant pick one thing that was my favorite but I absolutely fell in love with the fact that almost all the ingredients served were true to season.  If you live in or near Chicago, its a must go!


As I crawled onto the couch next to Migs the other night he blurted out “What, do you have a salad in your pocket??” No babe I just toned my face with apple cider vinegar.  You see the little gremlin zit monster has been following me around so I thought Id try something new.  I gottta say using the vinegar to tone my face does make it feel so smooth but it is a little on the drying side so I make sure to follow up with an extra hydrating face cream.

new loves

My current fave is by Yasou.  There is no fragrance, made of organic ingredients and simply feels so rich and luxurious when applying it to my skin.  If you are in the market for a new moisturizer be sure to give it a shot!

-Grandma Js

Nat and I have had it on our list of places to go to and after a failed attempt, we knew last Monday was gonna be the day.  I rode in on the early train and Nat, Jackson and I were literally the first people outside before it opened and I quickly learned why it was one of her fave spots in the city.


Not only is it freaking adorable in there, the owner was so sweet and even put Jackman to work while momma ate.

I spy Jackson

You can tell she’s was a mom cuz she just planted him on her hip, was showing him all around the kitchen explaining to him all the different gadgets and even delivered food for a different table with him.  Its places like that which are a reminder that not all the restaurants out there are only out to make a buck, its apparent she loves what she does and values an authentic connection with her customers.  Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious.

Thats all folks!




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