Tell It All Tuesday: Beach Bag Essentials

by naneraday on July 30, 2014

Since I already shared most of my adventures and eats of my trip to Delavan, Wisconsin, I wanted to show ya one last thing.  Dum da dum dummmm… beach bag!  Since I am one of the nosiest people ever, I thought y0u might get a kick out of seeing what I lugged around with me while on vacation.

beach bag!

First things first, my straw beach bag which I totally stole from my momma a few vacations ago.  I love this bag because you can toss it in the sand and you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up.  Poor Ma, I steal all her bags.  But anywho, back to the goods:

-Randoms: a super cute striped Turkish towel from the June Pop Sugar Must Have box, the book The Fault in Our Stars, baby wipes and babyganics sunscreen

-Hair and Body: Caramance face and body water(feels amazing to rehydrate your skin after being in the sun), Maui Babe “A Local Secret” after sun lotion, and Garnier Beach Chic(looking for a more natural version of this, any suggestions?)

-Mini Bag: spray hand sanitizer,  You Smell wipes, and some Sun Bum for my face and lips.

the goods

For me, the combination of all of these things did the trick minus the fact that there is no snacks or water present.  Total failure on my part, I always have snacks. Well that sums it up, whats in your beach bag?



Tramps and Beets, Beets and Tramps

by naneraday on July 29, 2014

How is it that we are coming up on August already?  Slow down time, I don’t want you to go too fast but I am looking forward to this weekend.  So excited to see Erin and Dan tie the knot, dying to see the Krugs, and can’t wait to shower baby Weberski with lots of love.  How bout a post filled with all things marv?  I’ve compiled some goodies.

-Veggie Queen

The garden is outta control you guys and I have been having so much fun being the veggie fairy of the burbs.  I especially love when peeps I give them to send me pics of what they make. 

My unc made this veggie za which looks ahhmaze.  Just an average frozen za topped with zucchini, eggplant, peppers, and rutabagas from yours truly.  Im telling ya, the garden is just a beast. 


Although I have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of my first ripe mater, I have been completely sidetracked with beets.  Everything about em.

I made Alton Browns refrigerator beets over the weekend and saved the greens for my smoothies this week.  Waste not, want not.  I did switch up the recipe a bit by using apple cider vinegar instead of the wine vinegar and raw sugar instead up regular old white sugar.  Judging by the amount of them left, I think they were a hit.

-Morning inspiration

-Sky Zone in Elmhurst

My oh freaking my this place rocked my body.  Front to back, I was feeling it.  I guess I didn’t have to show off all my super sweet front flips and cheerleading jumps but what fun would that be?

Besides for the awesome set up(indoor dodgeball!), I seriously could not get over just how clean it was in there. I generally feel like those types of places are notorious for being nasty and this place was spick and span.  I was impressed.  They even had a floating second floor with 360 views with big, comfy leather couches.  Perfect for parents or nannies like me to take a break from jumping and watch the kiddos.  The best part of all this is that my body was torched and I didn’t even realize it was happening because it was so much fun.  You have to go!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.



Vaca Eats: Delavan and Lake Geneva Edition

July 24, 2014

Well I am just going to be upfront and honest and apologize now for all these delicious eats I am about to show you.  Since I did my best to stay away from technology, I didn’t capture everything but this is a pretty nice compile of our eats.  Let’s hop right on into it. -Breaky [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Things to Do in Delavan, WI

July 23, 2014

So as you know based on my MIAness, I have been out of town spending some quality time with my family in Delavan, Wisconsin.  We spent a major of our time outdoors and I soaked up every moment of it.  It was nice to detox from the hustle and bustle of life and slow it [...]

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MIMM Vaca Mode

July 22, 2014

Wowza.  This week has been one for the books.  I plan on breaking down our eats and what we did more throughout the week, but todays photo blasting should be sufficient. Although I missed you guys and checking in while I was away, a technology detox was so so good for my mind, body and [...]

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Recipe: Vodka Cherry Lemonade

July 11, 2014

There is something to be said about Friday at 5 in the summertime(or any season of the year, let’s be real).  Without fail, Migs and I both race home, take out Moose to let him run around for a bit while we catch up on the day, and last but not least park our booties [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Dear Starbucks

July 8, 2014

Dear Starbucks, Its me Katy.  Ya know your one of your many regulars that frequents any one of your bajillion locations.  I’m writing you to tell you that you’ve made me feel like a big huge dupa for trusting you.  For the past several years I have looked at your products like a luxury, something [...]

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MIMM Lainey Katherine

July 7, 2014

Hope you all enjoyed your family and friends this Fourth of July, I know I did.  I also hope you got down on some delicious food and drinks.  Smores on the grill, Saturdays cookout, and watermelon vodka lemonades were some of the weekends shining stars for me. Let’s take a moment to rewind all things [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Garden Update

July 2, 2014

We have turned a corner my friends, my garden went from looking like little sticks in the ground to an actual real garden.  After the great flood out of 2014(I drowned them out due to the lids being under the cups), I thought the garden was going to be a wash.  And if we are [...]

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MIMM Family Traditions

June 30, 2014

Happy marvvvvelous Monday.  Let’s celebrate, shall we? -Nature Its no secret that Mother Earth is a force to be reckoned with and sometimes we get so caught up in the weather, we forget to appreciate whats all around us.  And not only appreciate it but also pay attention to it.  Don’t walk past the mulberry [...]

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