Preggo Eats

by naneraday on May 20, 2015

How bout a little WIAW food action for ya?!  My eats have pretty much remained the same since being pregnant with an extra snack or two thrown in there but for the most part its all the same shiz.  I guess there are a few minor things that have changed tho so let’s check it out.


Can. Not. Stop. Eating. Oatmeal.


I have to have it made on the stove top though.  When you cook it in the microwave it gets so thick and Ive been digging the stovetops creamy ways.  This batch is cooked with a boat load of cinnamon and a cup of organic 2%(pregnancy has me not wanting almond milk for some reason in my oats and cereals), a squirt of honey from the farmers market, handful of chia seeds, half a naner, strawberries from the market, an enormous scoop of Jewels organic pb(lovinggggg it), and a sprinkling of mixed nuts(almonds, pecans, sunflower and hemp seeds).  Life is goooood


Apple while I worked in the yard.


my bestie

Egg, pan fried Boars Head honey turkey and sharp cheddar cheese sandy on a Rudis spelt english muffin with a pickle and sparkling water on the side.  Egg sandys I just can’t get enough of you these days.


Post teaching a class I ate a yogurt parfait while I began packing.

full fat yog + honey + strawberries + naners + peaches + nuts

Once Migs got home, we chatted about the day and smashed a bunch of radishes from the garden stamped in salt.  So good.


Spinach pie from Nature’s Best toasted with eggs and garden scallions.

money maker

It honestly doesn’t look like much but Migs and I are in love.  We obviously douse the eggs in a boatload of Cholula cuz thats just how we roll.


A small dish of sliced strawberries, bananas, and a cookie butter cup on the side for good measure will I finish up packing.

Off to Florida in the am!  Ill be posting to Insta(NanerADay) if you’d like to follow our shenanigans.


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Thursday Thoughts

by naneraday on May 14, 2015

How bout a random collection of thoughts on this fine Thursday?  I’m down…

-Trader Joes treats

After walking myself off the cookie butter ice-cream cliff, a box of cookie butter cups landed in my cart.  I also grabbed a box of the pinnacle cookies that I have been eyeing forever, they are butter cookies with white chocolate chunks and pistachios.  Holy yum.

-Weekend Warriors


Can you even handle these bums?  Of course Moose has to bring his green bone to bed.  He’s a nut.

-Downers Grove Farmers Market

my heart

My favorite Saturday of May so far.  I’m so excited for season this year and of course we got all our favorite goodies including quiche and a focaccia from Elena’s Cucina along with a few other odds and ends.  Bring on the Saturdays baby.  Wheaton opens soon and to say Im pumped in an understatement.

-Basement Progress

she's a thing of beauty

So long spray painted floors(ahem one of my brilliant project ideas, OOPS), hello new floors.

finally almost done

So. Much. Better.

-Hammock Hangin

We added another hammock to our little collection we’ve got going and coupled with a  blanket it’s my new fave spot.

life is good

How can you go wrong?

What’s new with you?   Tell me something new and exciting! Have you been to a farmers market yet this year?





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May 5, 2015

Soooo I’ve been keeping a little secret from you guys….. Mike and I are so so excited to finally spill the beans and share with you all that we are expecting.  Baby Vodicka is due September 27th so this Sunday I will be officially half way thru. Feels so good to finally fill ya in [...]

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May 4, 2015

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WIAW: Recent Eats

April 29, 2015

Since my posting has been rather sporadic as of late, I decided that today would be a good time to catch you up on my eats.  They are pretty much the same for the most part but there are a few new trends happening around here.  Lets do this WIAW thang, shall we? -Breaky I [...]

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April 21, 2015

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Monday Marvels

April 20, 2015

Happy Monday!  A rainy kinda cooler Monday that is but Ill take it since I planted a ton of seeds yesterday and those babies need this fresh rain water.  Sidenote: Anyone happen to see the earthworms last night?  They were huge and all over our driveway last night.  Luckily they all went back to their [...]

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Tomato Basil Mozzarella Soldiers

April 9, 2015

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April 6, 2015

Oh hey!  Due to the blog being down last week, I was unable to check in.  I absolutely hate techy stuff so whenever something goes wrong with the blog I feel so defeated and have absolutely no idea where to start.  Lets rewind to a few marv things you missed in the meantime -My brother [...]

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Extra Eggy French Toast

March 26, 2015

So this may just be a super strange “recipe” to some, but who likes their french toast a little on the eggy side?  Growing up, whenever Ma made french toast I over the pieces that were sopping with the egg mixture.  Anyone else with me?  Now french toast isn’t something I typically eat for breakfast [...]

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