Recipe: Sweet Potato Panny Cakes

by naneraday on April 17, 2014

With Migs swinging the clubs on Saturday morning, I soaked up a little me time.  All of which included taking my time sipping on my lemon water, catching up on some blog work and organizing my life, and making pancakes.  Followed by a little shopping, who am I kidding?

come to momma

Not just any pancakes, four ingredient sweet potato pancakes that I topped with peanut butter, banana and syrup.  The muesli gave them an amazing taste and texture that I really loved and the sweet potato added a punch of vitamins and nutrients and kept them moist.

Sweet Potato Panny Cakes

-1/4 cup oatmeal

-1/4 cup muesli

-1 egg

-1/2 cup sweet potato(I baked a few for the week over the weekend)

Pulse in food processor until combined but still chunky(if you want it smooth pulse away or just do 1/2 cup of oatmeal) and cook in pan until cooked on both sides.

Apparently they smelled good because a certain someone sat at my side and watched my every move.

Hope you enjoy these babies over the weekend!




WIAW: Chicago Companies Do It Better

by naneraday on April 16, 2014

Gotta say, I am pretty proud of myself for capturing most of today’s eats.  I missed a few snacks but what can ya do, I got most of the stuff you haven’t seen a million times.  I can rest assured you’ve seen a pear before.  Anyways, back to todays eats….


This baby was eaten on the run

This glorious mug consisted of 1/4 cup Bobs Red muesli and oatmeal cooked in almond milk.  Topped with a scoop of yogurt and peanut butter, half a naner, and a shaking of chopped pecans.


A sweet and semi-crunchy pear.


Random soup I made for our lunches this week.  Basically chicken stock and a block of frozen pureed garden maters, green onion, carrots, celery, black beans, spinach, kale mix, and torts.  I topped my soupa with parm and a little hot sauce.


Half a naner and a large scoop of peanut butter


I shopped instead of thinking about dinner.  Insert happy dance.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty fabulous to have all the washing, prepping, and recipe creating done for me thanks to Madison and Rayne.

Madison & Rayne

They are a Chicago based company that offers ready-to-cook, chef prepared meals to your door.  They also source from surrounding local farmers which obviously tugs at my heart strings.  There is no mistaking that tonight’s chicken giardiniera was fresh and flavorful, Migs didn’t even add hot sauce.  That never happens.


Thanks to my fellow Chicagolanders, Enjoy Life, dessert aka packing fuel came in the form of a cookie.


Pretty obsessed with their products and love the fact that they are free of the eight most common allergens so everyone can enjoy them.  Psst!  They are also non-gmo ;)

Well thats a wrap!  What’d you have today?


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