Ten Months Too Long

by naneraday on August 10, 2016

So I’m totally cracking up that I once said once the baby comes Ill post more.  Wow was I oblivious to what being a momma was really like.  Ha silly silly momma.  Well after having my site down for a good chunk of time, I thought Id pop on and say hi since its been like forevs.  A few things….

-Vinny is ten months old and is into and eating everything.  The kid is a total tank, I swear he sometimes eats more than me.


-The garden is out of control and farmers market season has been making us all happy. Lots of Everything With Love quiches, Katic croissants, and random odds and ends veggies from the cutest old lady of all the markets.  Our circuit as of late is Naperville, Downers Grove, and pick up Duke and walk to Lisle for some Cooperage.  A little extreme to some I’m sure.

-I got sucked into the Whole 30 vortex.  It was eye opening to see how much dairy we were consuming and how habitual it was used.  I mean I got to a point where I didn’t even try pizza and I was loading on the parm.  Oops.  Tell me Im not the only one?!

-I am going to my first post baby foodie event in the next few weeks and I can’t wait.  Bring on the Culinary Fight Club bayyybee.

-Still teaching and doing yoga as much as possible.  Its not as often as Id like but I have been getting my power walk on and lifting a nearly 30 pound baby on the reg to fill in the gaps.

-I have been cooking a ton lately(thanks to a Dave Ramsey reality check on how much we spent eating out but thats another post).  Hopefully if I can keep my act together I will share some of what Ive been cooking here on this little space of mine.

Love you if you are still reading this blog.




New Momma Faves

by naneraday on March 15, 2016

I mean am I really even a new momma anymore?  I have a FIVE month old.  Hell yea I am!  I get by each day but one of my favorite things about motherhood is that I am constantly learning, learning about my Vincey, life and mostly myself.  Here a few faves that have been getting me by and bringing joy to my life.


Gotta just say I totally fell off the smoothie train and it feels so good to be back on the wagon.  As a nursing momma it makes it easy to get lots of protein, fruits and veggies in all in one foul swoop.  Throw it in my trusty blender, zoom zoom, and we are good to go.

the chocolate flavor is my fave!

Recently I have been loving Sunwarrior because after reading thru the ingredients I noticed it contains fenugreekFenugreek is amazing for milk production and when I first had Vin i was grinding the seed and drinking it.  I smelled like a walking vat of maple syrup for the first few months of Vinnys life, no joke!


Well I lasted a whole year on my french press, every morning grinding the beans, boiling the water and waiting for it to steep but I officially threw in the towel and got a percolator.

Its time for the….name that song

Still have to grind the beans but I can make a bigger batch and a little more realistic than making single cups when company is over.


Why in the helllllll did this make it onto the list I am sure you are asking yourself and can I just say laundry is so much better when you have a little one.  I caught myself getting choked up just holding his little pants the other day.  Although sometimes its a pain and of course its constant, touching his clothes serves as a constant reminder that time flies, how are we already wearing 6-9 month clothes Vin Man????

suspendering it up at the parade

My big guy<3

-Essential Oil Diffuser

It all started one day when I walked into Lululemon and was greeted with the sweetest scent, I immediately walked over to the desk and asked what they were diffusing and the girl said grapefruit.  I immediately went on Amazon and ordered a diffuser and grapefruit oil and the rest is history.  Isn’t Amazon amaze?  Kinda funny but Migs has just now finally stopped panicking when he sees like little puffs of mist coming from the kitchen counter.  Ayyiyi.

Ha just realized most people post these and talk about their babies fave rattle and here I am talking about coffee and laundry.  I do have some baby faves but I’ll save that for the next post!  On second thought are these really new momma faves or just new me faves?  Who knows….




Helllllo, Its Meeeeeee

February 4, 2016

I meannnnnnnn. I pretty much fell off the face of the planet, no?  I dunno I guess I just felt unmotivated to write and just unconnected from the social media world.  Not sure why because I do love it maybe I was just in a funk and didn’t know what to say after being silent […]

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Life On The Reg

November 12, 2015

Lets just pretend for a moment that I haven’t completely neglected my space on the world wide web.  Hey, newborn snuggles have been trumping my time in front of the computer and when I do get in front of it for a second, its spent working on the social media for Core Power our shopping […]

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Vincent Michael

October 20, 2015

After 40 weeks and 5 days, our baby BOY finally arrived.  Forever changing our world Vincent Michael made his grand appearance on October 2nd at 7:37 pm weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces and stretching 21 inches long. Momma, baby and daddy are healthy and happy and full of love.  Savoring every second. xxoo

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Preggo Thoughts

September 15, 2015

-Do not buy maternity clothes unless you absolutely have to.   Borrow from friends or simply size up.  Places like Old Navy and Forever 21 have such cheap options not to mention wayyyyy cuter than most maternity wear that sizing up usually does the trick.  Plus then you still feel like yourself and the size […]

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36 Weeks Preggo Eats

September 2, 2015

36 weeks pregnant! Can you even believe it?  I honestly can’t but I am thankful to still be taking class and still running around like a little maniac.  Don’t get me wrong there is lots of lounging thrown in there too.  But anywho, I have been one busy bee trying to find room for everything […]

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Books and Blocks Baby Shower

August 18, 2015

As I sat on the floor in Baby Duvals room surrounded by overly generous gifts from our baby shower, I couldn’t help or stop the tears from coming for the life of me.  So many people came to share love, encouragement, words of wisdom and I seriously felt my heart explode as I sat there […]

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Lake Geneva Loves

August 11, 2015

A few weeks ago Ma came up with a brilliant idea to take a little getaway trip to Lake Geneva to spend some time relaxing together before Baby Duval comes.  Oh man was it much needed and we did our best to make the most of our time without completely overdoing it.  Here is a […]

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July 31, 2015

Hey ohhhh heyyyy!  How boutta little Friday Faves action for ya! -Garden Goods Nuff said! -Preggo Pics -Yoga Although I have been keeping up with my class schedule, I haven’t had much time to take class since Ive picked up some nanny shifts.  All this means is that it makes time on my mat so […]

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