by naneraday on July 20, 2015

Holy weekend! Mike and I both woke up today feeling tired mostly because we were go go go the weekend.  Shocker, I know.


Ma and Dad came up for a visit on Sunday and I swear every time they come or visitors for that matter the day seems to zoom by.  They ended up getting here are 12 and of course we hoarded them until almost 8:30.  Per usual, we all hung out for awhile together and then we broke apart, Ma and I went shopping and Dad and Migs went to play pool followed by hanging in the hammocks.


We capped off their visit with a trip to Bavarian Lodge, one of our all time favorite places.

-Basement  Progress

As much as I am ashamed as to just how long this basement project has taken us, it is so freaking close to being done.

hello paneling and drop ceiling

The above picture the night it all started, after a bottle of champagne we decided it would be a good idea to remove the drop ceiling which we then went on to paint.  I plan to come back with a slew of pics showing just exactly what we did but look at the before and after so far.

getting there

soooooo close

-Belly Progress

Its mind boggling that I am 30 weeks along so far.


I am scared to even type this out but I am still feeling good, chasing after Mikes nephew three days a week and yogaing on the other days.  I really hope that I Mike finally got to feel baby, it was such a cool moment.

-Merino Kids

love the packaging


This organic sleep sac is so soft and heavenly that I wish they made them in adult sizes.  Thanks so much for kindly sending it our way Merino, I can’t wait to put Baby Duval in it.


Still obsessing over XM radio and instantly added this my yoga playlist


Cant get enough!

Thats a wrap for tonight!


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Preggo Eats and Treats

by naneraday on July 15, 2015

Let’s check in on what this preggo has been eating lately via WIAW.  What have you been loving?


Since I have been nannying three days a week, I haven’t had time to have my beloved stovetop oats so I am extra thankful for days when I have a little more time.

thing of beauty

My usual throwdown: half cup oats cooked in milk with cinnamon and chia seeds topped with a scoop of greek yogurt and peanut butter, a squirt of honey, half naner, handful of blueberries, and a sprinkling of mixed nuts.  So good but I have noticed that the fullness I experienced first trimester(it took me like 3 hours to eat my oatmeal, no joke) is starting to creep back in.  I ended up just taking it slow and eventually finished it.


Per usual, my bodyweight in watermelon.


I didn’t have any time to hit the store this week so I went with a PBJ sandy made on waffles.  Hit the spot and packed with protein.


Power ball that I bought from the farmers market in Hinsdale.

Spice It Up balls

Spice It Up throws down.

-Post yoga refuel

Full fat greek yog(I love Kalona) topped with raw honey, blueberries, half a naner, frozen mango and a handful of nuts.  Yumcity!


It’s grilling season, baby!  Grilled pork chops(for Migs and our friend Adam), chicken for me both seasoned with Code 3 Spices that my cousin gave me, red potatoes and carrots with a shacking of Quebec by The Spice House, yellow squash and onions, and a side salad.  Amen for foil packets and easy  clean up.


A handful of Almond Dream vanilla dessert bites that my inlaws brought over.  Heaven.

I love you and goodnight!




Musings of My Mind

July 13, 2015

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June 26, 2015

How boutta fun little survey for Friday?  Hope you have a fab weekend! Current Book: Ummmm wish I had a getting ready for baby book to put here but if we are being honest the last thing I read wasn’t even quite a book but the latest edition of Yoga Journal.  I suck at reading(my sis [...]

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Summer Food Bucket List

June 16, 2015

Although it has been raining like crazy here in the Midwest, we have been getting some summer like days as well.  Today was one of the those days, the sun was blasting the second I opened my eyes so I made sure to get my walk and garden work done before the midday temps set [...]

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June 9, 2015

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June 1, 2015

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Preggo Eats

May 20, 2015

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Thursday Thoughts

May 14, 2015

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