Tell It All Tuesday: Coconut Oil Crazed

by naneraday on September 16, 2014

Twas about a year ago when I made my first ever coconut oil purchase.  At the time I had absolutely no idea the amount of things I could do with it and never thought Id make it thru the entire thing.

In honor of finally making my way thru it, I thought Id post my favorite ways to use it.

-Makeup Remover – Simply rub a hunk of hardened oil between your fingers and take off makeup as you would any other cleanser.  I like patting mine off with a warm wash cloth.  Ahhh! Feels so good.

-Dry Ends – Apply it to the ends of wet hair to reveal smooth and shiny locks.

-Moisturizer – Just rub it on whenever your skin is feeling parched.

-To Bake – Used it in my zucc brownies.

-Dukes Food – Weims tend to have dry skin so I add it to his kibble and he eats it right up.

How do you use coconut oil?



Chocolate at The Pen

by naneraday on September 15, 2014

In some ways it seems like the weekend went by at lightening speed but on the other hand we worked like dogs so the days seemed really long.  We are finally making some headway in the basement(yes we are stillllll working on it) and we got a ton of yard work done.  I could barely move my arms by Sunday night after all the weeding.  Of course I have to share with you whats been marv since we spoke last.

-Homemade Almond Milk

Although it seemed to be a lengthy process and took a little bit of effort, I can officially say I made it.  After hearing time and time again how easy it was, I finally took a stab at it.  This stuff will make you never want the store bought stuff again but since its preservative free it only lasts about three or four days.  Since Migs is a butthead and forgot to take some to work for breakfast, I ended up freezing what was left before it went bad in ice cube trays.  Perfecto for smoothies.

-Morning Inspiration

-The Peninsula

I have officially fallen even more in love with this hotel.  Not only is the atmosphere(live music!), food, and staff at The Lobby out of a dream, the food is holding it down.  And by food, I mean their Chocolate at The Pen experience(sorry halibut, you should not be overshadowed).  I can’t believe this over-the-top chocolate lovers dream has been going on for ten years and I’m just trying it now.

To say Ive been missing out is an understatement, I mean come on people we are talking about table after table of handcrafted chocolates and sweets.  If you happen to be in the city on a Friday or Saturday and are looking for something to do between 8 and midnight, you. must. go.  They even let you fill u a to-go box!  Scoooore!

-Fall Fires

After a night of total pampering at The Peninsula on Friday, it felt so good to put on some stretchy comfy clothes(see above endless chocolate bar situation) and sit around the fire.  My dad always says that you don’t need TV if you have a fire and its so true, you can’t help but watch it burn.

-Dreams Come True

So total drama queen butttt I have been eyeing Michoacana all summer long.  There is a tiny sign on a Downers Grove strip that reads “handmade ice-cream” and ever since I saw it, it has called to me.  Since Migs and I happened to be in the area(aka my ploy to get some scream), we stopped.

sooooo goood

Cant even really explain the amazingness that is coming out of that store.  For my local peeps, Google it and go.  You’ll thank me!


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