Helllllo, Its Meeeeeee

by naneraday on February 4, 2016

I meannnnnnnn. I pretty much fell off the face of the planet, no?  I dunno I guess I just felt unmotivated to write and just unconnected from the social media world.  Not sure why because I do love it maybe I was just in a funk and didn’t know what to say after being silent for so long.  Not sure if anyone is even still stopping to see if I am saying anything anymore but Ive missed my little piece of the world wide web pie so Im back regardless if anyone is reading.  It takes a lot more than a little time to shut me up.  But yea, Im back to ramble, back to catch up on life, back to just say hey.  It has been a long journey of finding the new me after having the baby.  Getting my body back hasn’t been as easy as I anticipated.  For some reason I thought Id just blink and Id be back to the way I was but it has proved to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated.  Although I started working out right at the 6 week mark and did yoga until 38 weeks, my eating was kind of all over the place.  Since then I have reined it in and have been relying largely on meal prep.  You guys, why did I not do this before?  It has changed me forever.  Every Sunday I make a big batch of oatmeal for the week(recipe coming soon cuz shits bommmb) and a ton of baked then shredded chicken. I also make protein balls and superfood muffins whenever I need another batch to keep me on track.  I mean its not like I was sitting around ever eating bon bons(you all know I hate processed crapola) but homegirl was eating mass amounts of peanut butter and just overall eating bigger quantities than I was before.  I guess I’m just here to say Im still here just trying to find my way.  Navigating life of being a new mom and balancing all that comes with that.  Ha Im sure you thought oh Katys back here are a bunch of pictures of Vin but I just felt like talking about ME, ya know?  I dunno this post is all over the place but thats just my mind lately and Im ok with it.  Check back soon for recipes, pictures and updates on Vin, and just my usual life updates and nonsense.

Thanks for sticking around if you are reading this.



Life On The Reg

by naneraday on November 12, 2015

Lets just pretend for a moment that I haven’t completely neglected my space on the world wide web.  Hey, newborn snuggles have been trumping my time in front of the computer and when I do get in front of it for a second, its spent working on the social media for Core Power our shopping online(let’s be real).  Today I decided to lock myself and Vin in no running here and there and just catch up on some house work and take some time to check in with you guys.  Oh and stay in our jammies all day.  Ive missed ya and since it’s been so long lets run thru what a typical day is looking like these days.

6:40 Vince starts to move and awaken, time for a diaper change and back to bed we go.  I nurse him and he falls back asleep while I catch up on DVR

7:30 Set him in his bassinet and make myself a bowl of oatmeal(Ive been meal prepping it on Sunday which helps ton)

oatmeal allstars

Apple oatmeal topped with homemade nut mix(pecans, almonds, and raisins), Wild Friends peanut butter and a naner.  Get about halfway thru it and he wakes up ready to eat again

9:20 Finally finish my oatmeal while he snoozes on my lap.  Time to set him down and tackle picking up and doing a little organizing in his room.

11:15 Snack on an apple while I nurse baby boy

12:20 Back to his room to finish up while he sits in his seat

love this baby bjorn seat

Could have been gas bu my sweet boy flashed this smile and I about died.

1:25 Feed Vin while watching Rehab Addict

1:45 Warm up some leftover enchiladas that my mom made for us when she was here to visit.  Grandma visits are the best.

2:10 Fold laundry and sweep the floors

3:00 Stinky boy is up.  Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.  Do a little tummy time and read books.

4:15 Nurse him back to sleep then do some updates to CorePower social media sites

5:30 Daddys home! Yayyyy Time for momma to shower while Vince and Daddy hang out

6:00 Get all lotioned and optioned up and hear baby calling for me.  Time to feed the little piggy

6:30 Toss two bone in chicken breasts, broccoli and carrots in a roaster and pop it in the oven for dinner

7:45 Serve dinner over rice and sit down to eat

8:30 Pour myself a glass of wine and watch Empire

10:00 Get ready for bed and pray to every star in the sky that he sleeps

sleep baby sleep

What has you days been looking like lately??




Vincent Michael

October 20, 2015

After 40 weeks and 5 days, our baby BOY finally arrived.  Forever changing our world Vincent Michael made his grand appearance on October 2nd at 7:37 pm weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces and stretching 21 inches long. Momma, baby and daddy are healthy and happy and full of love.  Savoring every second. xxoo

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Preggo Thoughts

September 15, 2015

-Do not buy maternity clothes unless you absolutely have to.   Borrow from friends or simply size up.  Places like Old Navy and Forever 21 have such cheap options not to mention wayyyyy cuter than most maternity wear that sizing up usually does the trick.  Plus then you still feel like yourself and the size [...]

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36 Weeks Preggo Eats

September 2, 2015

36 weeks pregnant! Can you even believe it?  I honestly can’t but I am thankful to still be taking class and still running around like a little maniac.  Don’t get me wrong there is lots of lounging thrown in there too.  But anywho, I have been one busy bee trying to find room for everything [...]

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Books and Blocks Baby Shower

August 18, 2015

As I sat on the floor in Baby Duvals room surrounded by overly generous gifts from our baby shower, I couldn’t help or stop the tears from coming for the life of me.  So many people came to share love, encouragement, words of wisdom and I seriously felt my heart explode as I sat there [...]

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Lake Geneva Loves

August 11, 2015

A few weeks ago Ma came up with a brilliant idea to take a little getaway trip to Lake Geneva to spend some time relaxing together before Baby Duval comes.  Oh man was it much needed and we did our best to make the most of our time without completely overdoing it.  Here is a [...]

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July 31, 2015

Hey ohhhh heyyyy!  How boutta little Friday Faves action for ya! -Garden Goods Nuff said! -Preggo Pics -Yoga Although I have been keeping up with my class schedule, I haven’t had much time to take class since Ive picked up some nanny shifts.  All this means is that it makes time on my mat so [...]

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July 20, 2015

Holy weekend! Mike and I both woke up today feeling tired mostly because we were go go go the weekend.  Shocker, I know. -Parentals Ma and Dad came up for a visit on Sunday and I swear every time they come or visitors for that matter the day seems to zoom by.  They ended up [...]

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Preggo Eats and Treats

July 15, 2015

Let’s check in on what this preggo has been eating lately via WIAW.  What have you been loving? -Breaky Since I have been nannying three days a week, I haven’t had time to have my beloved stovetop oats so I am extra thankful for days when I have a little more time. My usual throwdown: [...]

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