First Ever Potica Bake Off

by naneraday on December 15, 2014

How goes it?? How boutta little rewind?

-Potica and Sugar Cookie Bake Off

If you know me at all, sugar cookies and potica are by far my favorite holiday treats.  Erin, her Ma and I went to work and Robbie D showed us the way of the land when it comes to potica and its no joke considering its a two day project.

-Painting Piggies

No words needed.  Insert heart explosion.

-Morning Inspiration

-Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Can you even get over the ugliness???  I am going to break down how I made these babies for under $10.  Take that $50 shirt on Amazon!



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A Day In the Life: Part 4

by naneraday on December 10, 2014

5:20 Alarm is a  blazing.  Turn it off and decide to skip the 6am class and hit a night class

7:46 Wake up dying of heat due to Moose being literally glued to my side

8:01 Roll outta bed, throw on some slippers and my robe and take Duke out to go potty

8:16 Take a shot of ACV mixed with H20 and sit down to breakfast that I put together last night

protein pcake topped with pb, pecans, syrup and naners

8:28 Double check last nights post for any typos and send it out to Twitter via HootSuite

8:30 Throw on some clothes, grab my coffee and head to my nanny gig

2:02 Say my goodbyes and head home but not before a quick pit stop at Lemon Tree for some essentials

2:30 Cruise home, throw together lunch(a homemade frozen black bean burger topped with asiago cheese and some carrots and hummus), all the while prepping dinner

3:05 Head to the studio to teach my C1 class

4:00 Class starts

5:00 Wrap up class and say my goodbyes to my students.

5:22 Quickly scarf down a banana and head into HPF class

6:30 Head home and chit chat with little miss Ava(my niece) to wish her a happy 9th birthday

6:46 Make my way home, eat a spoonful of pb for a little protein and blast thru some dishes

6:57 Hop in the shower

7:12 Debate staying in forever but its time to get out.  Throw on some lotion and a face mask

7:30 Wash it off and lotion potion it up

7:42 Pour myself a glass of wine and put the finishing touches on dinner

honey sesame pulled chicken + spinach quinoa

8:16 Time for chow baby

8:46 Chill on the couch sipping my wine while I wait for Migs to get home from his basketball game

9:37 Remember I grabbed this baby at the store today


10:28 Brush teeth, floss and bed time!


What’d you do today?





Tell It All Tuesday: One Year Anni

December 9, 2014

One year ago today I took leap of faith and minus my fears and apprehensions, I walked into the studio and taught my first yoga class.  It was probably the longest and quickest hour of my life and honestly was a complete blur.  Since that first class so much has changed. Teaching yoga has completely [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: Grateful

December 3, 2014

A few weeks ago I was invited to a fun girls night out put on by the ever so beautiful Sarah Baker aka Balanced Babe at Rooted Center. The closer that the event crept up the more I became increasingly grateful to have a night full of chatting about navigating a holistic lifestyle thru the holidays [...]

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Take The Stairs

November 24, 2014

Sooooo sorry if you tried to come o my site and saw nothing.  No I didn’t throw in the towel on this little website of mine, to be honest I forgot to pay my server fee.  Totes not my fault, the alerts were in my junk mail so yea.  That was fun. -Same I can’t [...]

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A Day In The Part Four

November 19, 2014

8:07 Say goodbye to Migs without moving the beast.  Fall back asleep. 8:42 Decide its time to get up and get the day going even though my little cuddle buddy doesn’t look ready to get up 8:46 Leash up Duke and take him out to go potty 8:50 Come back in brush my teeth, splash a little [...]

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Tell It All Tuesday: So Long Processed Foods

November 12, 2014

So lately I have been lightly touching on the fact that I am trying to steer clear of processed foods.  I know some of your reactions may be ‘but Kate do you even eat processed foods?’  And the answer is yes and to be honest more often than Id like to admit.  Failure to plan [...]

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Whole Foods Haul

November 10, 2014

Well that weekend went by quick.  With a wedding Friday night coupled with lots of to-dos on our list, the days seemed to go at record speed.  Not gonna lie, totally took it easy on Saturday and it felt so good to not be so go-go-go even though we didn’t sit still.  Lets rewindski… -DIY Face [...]

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The Perfect Complement

November 6, 2014

With my decision to scale way way back on processed foods which tends to happen mostly on the weekends, I have been trying to get creative with cooking at home.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t really feel that fun to eat at home on Saturday night, plus you have to do your own dishes, so I [...]

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A Day In The Life Part 3

November 5, 2014

Lets see what I was up to today, shall we? 7:02 Wake up to Moose standing over me waiting for me to pick up the covers so he can go underneath 7:32 The alarm starts blazing.  I quickly roll over to turn it off and see the sun peaking thru the shades.  Decide to ditch class and [...]

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